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Online casino rules


1.1. Internet club

1.1.1. Internet club is a collection of online programs designed to provide Internet users with a convenient automated interface that allows you make instant drawings with the titular characters REAL as rates and rewards.

1.1.2. All calculations in the Internet club are made by the titular characters REAL, which is not a currency of any state. All internal calculations in the Internet club are realized only in the titular characters REAL. In connection with the foregoing, the terms «gambling», «gambler», «lotto», «Casino», «USD», «price», «value», «Jack Pot», «bid» and others derived from them or like them, used in this regulation and any other sections of this web-site are used solely for the convenience of usage and can not be understood as a symbol of what is called strict legal terms «gambling», «price», etc. as well as other actions related to financial operations.

1.1.3. Organizers of the Internet club maricasino.comhave the right at any time to amend these Rules by posting its new and full version on the Web-site. New Regulation shall take effect upon its publication.


2.1. To register in the club only users older than 18 years are allowed. The registration of more than one account on the same computer is not allowed. Before starting registration, make sure that laws in your home country do not forbid you to play online casino games and to bet online. Contract for participation in games This agreement on the use of the site and the casino software presented on it is between a player having the intention to take part in games and online casino.

2.2. The payment order is prohibited, if the player did not make any bets after depositing at the casino

2.3. The player is aware of the fact that the cash games on the Internet can be deemed illegal in terms of legislation of the country where he/she resides.

2.4. One player can have only one casino account When detected, additional accounts (as well as repeated attempts to create such), these accounts will be blocked, and their funds, including received bonuses, will be written off in favor of the casino

2.5. By using this site, software, or any other online casino service, the player thus confirms that he/she has fully read and understood this agreement and accepts all the conditions mentioned therein.

2.6. The use of any auxiliary software for games, and cards counting is prohibited.

2.7. The player is responsible for all actions associated with the game in the casino, for the confidentiality of the username and password to access the account, as well as for the payments of the legal provisions of his country's duties and taxes on winnings in online casino, including the jackpot prize or other prizes.

2.8. The player must not provide third parties an access to his/her account.

2.9. To conduct financial transactions from their account at online casino, namely - to deposit and receive prizes and winnings, the player should only use credit cards, the accounts in payment systems, bank accounts or other means to input and output money used in online casinos which belong to him. Upon payment of winnings online casino may require documents of the player proving his/her right to perform financial transactions.

3.0. Winnings are paid through WebMoney and Yandex Money payment systems.

3.1. Gaming account payment can not exceed 15000r. per day.

3.2. Bonuses or other prizes received by player after depositing the game account can not be removed from player's account without required winning backs. Deposit bonus amount can be credited to the player's Real account by pressing the button or link to credit bonus in case when player's Real account amount is 0 and there are no active payments. Bonus amount received by player can be used by him for betting in games, and can not be removed from the gaming account. For bonuses or other awards received during the promotional actions may apply other conditions of wagering.

3.3. When removing the player's winnings the remaining bonus of the game account is deducted proportionally to the withdrawn amount.

3.4. The Gaming system administration reserves the right to check the player's actions for legality and compliance with regulations, cancel any bid, and also demand from the player to deposit a single turnover.

3.5. Mutually exclusive bids, for example, at the same time bidding at the Red and Black on the roulette wheel, as well as bids that cover more than 80% of the playing field is prohibited.

3.6. If we notice a player conducted illegal financial transactions (using credit cards, bank accounts, payment systems which does not belong to the player), the player's account will be immediately blocked, and data on illegal operations will be turned to the supervisory government organizations.

3.7. The necessary condition for the payment of winnings at online casinos is a player's confirmed registration.

3.8. The administration of the casino has the right to close the player's account at any time without notice and explanation. All funds, bonuses and prizes of the account will be paid by requisites, used by player to make a deposit.

3.9. The administration of the casino has the right to cancel any ongoing promotion campaign, bonuses or prizes at any time, as well as to limit any player receiving promotional bonuses and prizes temporarily or permanently.

4.0. In case of any disputes player can contact the manager of the casino in any way described in the «Support» section. In all disputes, the administration's decision of online casino is final and not appealable. Any damages that a visitor may incur in case of intentional or reckless violation of any requirements of the Rules are not compensated by the organizers of the Internet club

4.1. The administration of the casino reserves the right to make changes or additions to this agreement at any time without prior notification to the player.

4.1.1. At any time, only rules and conditions published in this agreement on the site are valid.

4.1.2. Any person who has come to the site and accepted the duties of unconditional compliance with the Regulations in the form of an open offer can be a user of the Internet club

4.1.3. Players may participate in gambling anonymously, but, the organizers reserve the right to require identification of the player if necessary (disputed issues, violation of the Rules, unauthorized third-party intervention, etc.). Waiver of identification, failure of identification requests for a period of seven days, as well as providing false information will result in blocking their account and service denial. Moreover, existing titular characters REAL in the account will not be returned.

4.1.4. Players are not eligible to play for their affiliate link. In the case of this kind of deception, the bid amount and deposits are not returned and the account is blocked.

4.1.5. Third-party intervention attempts in the game in order to manipulate the results or demage the work of the website, shall be punishable by account blocking.

4.1.6. Internet games may be illegal in your country. Before starting registration, make sure that existing legislation in your region does not prohibit you from participating in the online casino games and online betting. Responsibility for compliance with the laws of your country (region) falls entirely on You.


5.1. Any person who is registered on the website and accepts the duties of unconditional compliance with the Regulations in the form of an open offer may be a Partner of the Internet club

5.2. Partners of the Internet club have the right to use ready-made banners or banners of their own design, not inconsistent with the ethical and legal standards set for Internet advertising.

5.3. Partners of the Internet club have the right to advertise affiliate links by all the known methods, excluding SPAM, and other types of advertising that are contrary to the ethical and legal standards set for Internet advertising.

5.4. Partners are not eligible to participate in games on the site using their affiliate link! Failure to comply with this condition entails partner's account blocking and the rejection of further cooperation. Moreover, titular characters REAL in the Partner's account will not be returned.

5.5. The administration has the right to block, and subsequently remove players who wind the partnership rewards by input/output of funds. Partner who attracted such a player, will be notified by e-mail.

5.6. Affiliate amounts transfer to REAL account is carried out only on Wednesdays, after all the amendments and adjustments related to sms completions of players attracted by partner.

5.7. Partner may order payment at any time. All payments to partners are carried out within 2 working days..


6.1. Organizers of the Internet club do not guarantee a permanent or unconditional access to the provided services. club functioning can be broken because of force majeure situations or other factors, prevention or overcoming of which are beyond the ability of Internet club organizers.


7.1. All disputes will be settled through negotiations.

7.2. Any loss that User may incur in the event of intentional or reckless violation of any requirements of the Rules, the organizers of the Internet club do not compensate.

Regulation of 19.12.2016.

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